Crypto is  the only producer of gold products and creator of the safest digital storage in the world.

In 2017 the price of bitcoin reached parity with gold (per ounce) which attracted the attention of gold investors around the world. With cryptocurrency going into the mainstream there has been a surge of interest in the concept of cryptocurrency supported by gold.A brief history of digital gold. The idea of ​​a gold digital currency is always attractive to those who are looking for alternative payment systems. Shortly after the internet became mainstream, E-Gold emerged as the first digital currency to be fully supported by gold in 1995. At its peak, millions of people around the world used this service until it was closed. Other efforts to make digital gold currencies were also made, but this was before the era of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Now with blockchain technology established as a safe accounting method, and with Bitcoin becoming more familiar to the general public, a new era of gold-backed cryptocurrency is emerging. There is a proverbial gold (and literal) fever that is happening now in the crypto world, and even countries seeking to issue their own gold-based cryptocurrency. The basic concept is of course interesting. Tokens or coins are issued that represent the value of gold (for example 1 gram of gold is equal to 1 coin). Gold grams are held by trusted custodians (preferably third parties), and can be traded with other coin holders. At a minimum, the coin price will always be the same as the current gold level. If cryptocurrency becomes popular then the price of a coin has the potential to increase its value, greater than the value of gold. If cryptocurrency does not take off then the value remains the value of grams of gold. This is like a default stop-loss. Of course there are many risks there. While blockchain accounts for coins, accounting for physically stored gold is another matter. When evaluating these tokens, find out who actually owns the gold and how the gold is stored. In this case our online gold partner, BullionVault, as an example of responsible gold storage. When evaluating gold crypto, make sure you have gold.

TROY is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for gold or fiat. TROY is supported by real gold, that is, 20,000 ounces of gold are supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia), which can be owned by users by purchasing it using TROY tokens. 
Ether & Token Support

By connecting TROY to the blockchain Ethereum, users will be able to send any tokens or ether to friends or family members – quickly and easily, even if they don’t have an account or wallet!

TROY will produce gold products using 20,000 ounces of gold bars supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia). Our customers can buy these products using TROY Golden Tokens.

But is that all that makes Troy special? not! Troy is something more, Troy has a technology warehouse, and it will save Troy Gold Tokens and other crypto currencies, storage for personal files and media.

TROY Vault is the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallet in terms of security and ease of use. You don’t need to worry about your assets at TROY Vault, because TROY Vault is a safe and protected safe.

The following is an explanation of TROY  
1. Cryptocurrency
TROY brings actual international prices to cryptocurrency via a regulated GOLD token. TROY GOLD Tokens can be exchanged for body gold or FIAT.

2. Producer of Gold Products
TROY will produce gold merchandise by utilizing 20,000 oz of gold bars offered through Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia). Our users can obtain the merchandise using the TROY GOLD Token.

3. Secure Digital Vault
Troy Vault secures different Toky Gold Token & cryptocurrency, garages for personal data and media. Stay connected with the latest crypto & commodity information and market updates when managing all your transactions.

TROY is another because EMAS tokens have the skills to buy gold products. Warehouse Troy, with its basic level of business security, can be purchased without being locked for everyone. If consumers want to use features developed by Troy Vault, a small monthly subscription price can be paid. Troy will burn 50% of all GOLD tokens obtained from Troy Vault subscriptions. This is intended to grow the price of closing tokens. Troy can also offer different affiliate programs.

Physical Gold
So where does this gold come from? Troy has signed a contract for the supply of 20,000 oz of gold ($ 27,000,000 USD) from Bullseye Mining Limited, coming directly from their Laverton North mine webpage based right in the middle of a coronary World Class Gold Mining Belt in Western Australia. Troy gold may be sent competently, along with Gold Bullseye, to the Perth Royal Mint which functions for the World Standard in a stable and stable gold garage. Usually gold goes into the original mint gold earlier than the right that is accessible for public purchases, but we have been able to proceed directly to the offer and obtain gold at a very discounted, low-cost price that we provide to you – our customers.

Core Features

TROY Vault’s personal portfolio management system will provide:

  1. Advanced multi-level biometric security
  2. Personal portfolio analysis
  3. Secure Private Key
  4. Updates from the global crypto & precious metals market. 
    Automatic account
  5. Multi-wallet creation
  6. Paper wallet
  7. Secure personal files
  8. Trade centre
  9. Secure moderated social interactions
  10. Web3.js

some reasons that encourage you to choose TROY for investment 
1)  TROY GOLD tokens purchased with a bonus of 40% 
2)  50% of TROY burning tokens will always increase the value of your closing TROY GOLD tokens 
3)  A bigger place is anticipated to collect gold when you change your token Gold TROY for gold products 
4)  You can suggest chum through our affiliate software and get Ethereum 
5)  Free contests and Bounty destroy places you can do all the easy tasks to get additional tokens

Built In Token Burn
Subscribe to TROY Vault will be paid to use the GOLD Token. We will burn 50% of the tokens that we get for Vault payments. This expertise, your main token can get extra actual international gold products.

In short, the extras we burn, spending extra on energy that your token has. Early investors also get a bigger bonus & will benefit primarily from burning this token.

Peace of Mind
Whatever happens in the crypto foreign exchange market, you may have an approach to buying actual international ‘gold products’ using your TROY GOLD Token.

Against  Regulations and Sharia  TROY have undergone regulation in Malta. TROY has also utilized Shariah compliance certification through  Amanie Advisors LLCTOKEN DETAILS

Sales Progress

Sales Token Schedule


To get information about the TROY project to be clearer and more accurate, please visit   or contact the link below:





Username: Neshol

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