DACXan economic platform designed to bridge what is designed between financial markets

Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, there have been many crypto projects that have been built for commodity exchange and have been ignited, but so far no project has done that. DACX bridges the gap between physical goods and digital assets, promoting the reuse of limited resources to promote a global circle economy. By hosting advanced security features, DACX implements machine learning to monitor the market in real time to prevent suspicious activity and security threats & use KYC / AML on the machine. fly for its customers.Financial markets are markets where people trust securities and finance with low transaction costs and at prices that change supply and demand.Digital currency or electronic currency is a type of currency that is only available in digital form, without physical needs such as paper money and coins. It shows properties that are similar to physical currencies, but allow for instant transactions and unlimited ownership transfers. Examples include virtual currencies and cryptocurrency or even central banks that issue digital-based money. Like traditional money, this currency can be used to buy physical goods and services, but it can also be limited to certain communities such as for use in online games or social networking.DACX is an economic platform designed to bridge what was designed between the old financial markets and the emerging digital asset ecosystem. DACX adds confidence in supporting new fragmented digital assets by quickly and transparently matching complex transactions with orders and reducing market inefficiencies. DACX builds digital asset management tools and develops an interface that allows customers to get the full benefits of a smart economy around the world.For further development, we have a vision to become a bridge between the old financial market and the emerging digital economy. And also the mission to be achieved in our project is to become a trusted provider of digital currency and regional authority on blockchain technology, making smart economies work for everyone through empowerment, approval and innovation throughout the world.The most prominent advantage of the DACX mentioned is participation in GFIN and GFIN cross-border trials with many regulators involved, including:

  • Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), Bank of Lithuania (LB)
  • Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), financiers Autorite des marchés (AMF Québec), Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)
  • Bahrain Central Bank (CBB), Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS), Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), LB
  • British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), BMA, JFSC, LB, MAS
  • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and FCA
  • https://www.fca.org.uk/firms/gfin-cross-border-testing-pilot-next-steps  .
  • This shows that DACX is important and expected in the coming years. DACX will have a great solution


Digital Assets & Commodity Exchange uses artificial intelligence and competence technology, optimized to provide markets that are efficient, secure and in accordance with product solutions for communications and retail class customers. Our emphasis is on all forms of assets and competition through tokenization. To bring more opportunities to be included in all types of investors, which in turn adds further liquidity to this traditional market.DACX bridges the transition between physical and digital assets, gathering limited resources to drive the global circular economy. By hosting advanced security features, DACX implements machine learning for real-time market surveillance to prevent activities that question and protect security & utilize KYC / AML when boarding flights for its clients.


Financial exceptions determine the process by which people have difficulty accessing or using financial services in key markets according to their needs and provide them to support normal social life in the communities they depend on.


Customers are the key to any business, a company that continuously provides customer service that is acceptable from business. Today’s customers have so many choices and will turn to challenges if encountered with poor service experience. Whatever your business type, your customers always want to be heard and bought well.Some challenges are seen in our industry:

  1. Time to respond
  2. Do not have an answer to that question
  3. Failed to take what the customer wants
  4. Accept responsibility
  5. Resolution – Leaving a customer’s response cannot be taken


DACX   Token (  DACX  )We have published our own utility token, called    DACX Token   . A strict limit of 786,786,786    DACX    has been created, never increasing and total supply will decrease through frequent token burning. The DACX token    will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC 20 token standard.

Universal Wallet

  • Universal Wallet is the core storage unit of    DACX Remit   . It uses DLT, traditional banking, and guards to store the following types of assets in one wallet: Crypto Fiat Currency
  • Utility Token
  • Token Keamanan (STO)
  • Stable Coins
  • Commodity Token


  • DACX  Road Map    September 2019 – Pre-Registration
  • October 2019 – Pre-Launch of IEO
  • Q4 2019 – Launch of Exchange
  • Q4 2019 –  Fiat Gateways
  • Q1 2020 – Extend Operational Jurisdiction to EU & Asia
  • Q1 2020 – Cross-border Payments
  • Q1 2020 – Integrated STO
  • Q1 2020 –  Kartu Debit Virtual
  • Q1 2020 –  Bridge  Remit  & Exchange
  • Q2 2020 – Margin Trading
  • Q2 2020- DEFI – Loans
  • Q2 2020 – Extend Operational Jurisdiction to NA

Tim  DACX1. ZEESHAN CHAUDHRY: Pendiri | CEO2 FRANS KLERKS: Head of Marketing3. LISA LI: Regional Marketing & Communications4 .  TARIMA ISMAIL:  Cyber ​​Security & Blockchain Engineers5 CURTIS PAVLIK: Regional Sales & Operations6 JAMES WACKETT: Regional Business Development7 FRASS MASROOR: Complete Stack Developer8 . UMAIR JAWAID:  DevOps & Platform Engineer9 PETER MACDONALD: Strategy & Advisory Business Partnership Strategy Division1  . RICHARD GARDNER:   CEO Modulus Global2  . LAURENCE KIRK:   CEO Extropy.IOConclusionExchanges are the lifeblood of crypto currencies and therefore they must be user friendly, they need to provide liquidity to the industry as a whole and they must be super safe. The emergence of security tokens will be very large in this space and once again, exchanges that achieve full regulation and compliance will dominate the crypto / blockchain arena in the future. For more accurate information, visit the link below:

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